Floodies work with other websites and organisations with a view to increasing the chances of competing with major league websites, such as Amazon and E-bay. By teaming up and supporting each other.

We like to look at the bigger picture and offer other smaller organisations the opportunity to show what they have.

Giving customers a better option to choose their product or service.

We may  be Strong as Individuals but working together we are Invincible' 

Listed below are websites that may interest you. Take a look anyway, as it helps: Thank you

http://www.jonathan-rowland.co.uk/132561/1316964/projects/floodies Company Logo Designer: Great Support

http://www.artvango.co.uk/   Good friends and always happy to support Floodies

http://www.ringofire.co.uk/   Ultra Events Website. Discount applied to 2013 Competitors.